Britam has launched a new service to manage car accidents hoping it will help cut down fraud.

This comes just weeks after an insurance sector report revelation showed widespread malpractice.

The research, by insurance tech firm Bismart on the motor vehicle insurance sector, was released early April to reveal disturbing trends in the uptake of motor vehicle insurance.

The research by insurance tech firm Bismart shows that up to a fifth of motor vehicle insurance policies can not be verified as genuine, while 12 per cent of the insurance covers that motorists claim to have are simply non-existent when checked in the underwriter’s books.

The Britam 24/7 Rescue Service will be available free of charge to all Britam Comprehensive Motor Insurance customers, providing them with support during and following a car accident.

Britam chief executive Benson Wairegi said the new service will enable a motorist to place their claims early, along with needed documentation which speeds up the processing of claims. It will also reduce the possibility of insurance fraud, he said.

“Britam 24/7 Rescue Service will assist customers to secure their vehicles in the event of an accident, access emergency service providers, and tow, free of charge, damaged vehicles to a secure location,” said  Wairegi at the launch in Nairobi.

It takes care of administrative requirements needed to file customer claims, which include obtaining police abstract forms and providing guidance in completing Britam motor insurance claim forms.

The service is initially being rolled out in Nairobi, to comprehensive motor insurance customers and is limited to accidents within a 40 km radius of the city.



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