Fundamentals of Car Insurance Policy in Kenya

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It is essential to be aware that an insurance policy is, in fact, a binding contractual agreement. Similarly to any other contract, certain paperwork is necessary to obtain an auto insurance policy. Listed below are the forms of documentation that you should possess before engaging with an insurance representative.

A Government-Issued Identification Document

In many countries, citizens are issued a National Identification Card or some other form of official ID.

When applying for a motor insurance policy, insurance carriers will typically require proof of identity. In Kenya, the most common form of identification is a national ID. However, other government-issued credentials, like a Kenyan passport or an alien ID, are also accepted. Foreigners can use their passports as an accepted form of identification.

Record of Events

Your logbook should always be on hand when visiting your insurer. This is needed to verify ownership and will be requested when filing a claim. Furthermore, the logbook is necessary for the insurance company to determine the insurance policy as it contains information about the car, like the make and model, engine size, age, and capacity.

Evaluation Summary

This document presents a synthesis of the evaluation conducted.

When you take out a car insurance policy for the first time, the insurance company will ask for a valuation report. In such cases, they usually give a list of approved valuers who can come and assess the car’s value and send the report to the insurer. It is advisable to get the list from your insurer rather than searching for one yourself as you may be charged less. In some instances, the insurer may need a fresh valuation after a while, so they can factor in depreciation and wear and tear when recalculating the total sum assured.

A Proposal for Automobile Insurance Policy

Filling out a motor insurance proposal form is a requirement from the insurance company. This form is used to assess the risks you face and the premiums you will pay for the coverage you desire. It is easy to find the form on the company’s website, but it is recommended that you complete it in the presence of an insurance agent for a better understanding of the questions asked and the implications of your responses. Misrepresentation of facts on the proposal form can lead to a voiding of the insurance.


When you get in touch with an auto insurance firm to purchase an insurance policy, you will notice that all of their car insurance offerings fit within three main groups. The distinct insurance policies may be named differently; however, they are all rooted in the three standard classifications.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

The comprehensive car insurance policy offers protection against a wide array of potential risks. These risks can include theft, fire, accidental damage, and destruction of the vehicle.

Fire, Theft, and Third-Party Insurance Coverage

In the event of an accident, a third-party fire and theft policy will cover the costs of damages to other people’s property. Should someone be injured or even lose their life due to the incident, the insurance policy will provide compensation to their family. Furthermore, it will safeguard your vehicle from fires, such as those caused by a mechanical failure of the car. Additionally, if your car is taken, or certain components of it are, the insurer will reimburse you (provided such enhancements were included in the policy).

Third-party (Outsourced Services)

The most basic type of car insurance is the third-party cover. All this does is protect any third parties who are involved in an accident with your car. It is the cheapest form of insurance, but it is not recommended for personal cars with high value, as you could potentially lose a large amount of money if the car is damaged in an accident or stolen. It is, however, a viable option for car owners who have financial constraints.

Insurers typically provide a range of extra protections that can be added to policies if clients desire to guard against potential risks. Examples of these cover enhancements are:

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Opting for a good insurance policy is only beneficial when bought from an excellent company. To make the decision easier, here is a short list of qualities to look for when selecting the right insurance provider;

  • When it comes to collecting premiums, insurance companies are typically quite persistent. After signing with them, they will do their best to make it easy and timely to pay your premiums, as it is a source of revenue for the company. On the other hand, when you attempt to make a claim, they are not as motivated to pay out, as that would be an expense.
  • Fortunately, as long as the company has no reason to doubt your credibility, they are legally obligated to fulfil the claim. Before making a decision, research the claim settlement plans and practices of the company you’re considering and compare them to their competitors. Opt for the one with the most favourable settlement practices.
  • To ensure an insurance company will cover your claim if you need it, you need to check the financial health of the company. This is a simple process: start by searching online for the company. If you find any negative reports, such as those from the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) or other leading financial services companies, then it’s best to look for another option.
  • In Kenya, car insurance providers experience difficulty with one thing over all else – customer service. Because of the nature of insurance, it is difficult for any company to stay in contact with its clients. Usually, the only time they communicate is when a premium is due. It is important to be part of an organization that values you as a customer.
  • Analyze the interaction with the marketing employees, observe how the transition is to the underwriters and how the company provides service. Is there support for you when you are making the purchase choice? Is the website user-friendly?
  • A great way to determine if your insurer is dependable is to examine their communication practices. If they only reach out when it is time for you to pay your premium, this is a bad sign. You can determine how quickly they respond to inquiries by sending them unsolicited emails or connecting with them on social media.
  • Additionally, check the timeframe for their responses when you fill out the “contact us” forms on their website. The faster a company is to communicate with you, the more likely it will be helpful when you are filing a claim.

It isn’t always the case that a low-priced insurance policy is the best policy. We prefer to refer to it as a competitive policy, one that can meet your needs and be cost-effective. If two companies offer identical policies, but one is cheaper, then by all means take the cheaper one. It is important to remember, however, that a low-priced policy does not necessarily equate to a good policy. In the same vein, an expensive policy isn’t necessarily better. Be sure to check the details of what is included and excluded in the policy. There will likely be a trade-off somewhere.


At Shimin Insurance Agency, we recognize that it’s important for you to get the most favourable prices on car insurance in Kenya. This is why we have constructed a quote comparison platform that provides you with the best possible car insurance policy rates for each type of policy. Take a look at some of the benefits of comparing insurance quotes on the web.

Gaining an Overview of Insurance Policies Quickly Using the Internet

Shimin insurance agency makes it simple to compare quotes for car insurance. Within 60 seconds, our platform provides you with a ranked list of quotes from leading Kenyan insurance companies. This speedy selection process eliminates the hassle of gathering quotes and their prices to assist you in making a decision.

Examining Insurance on the Web Can Lead to Savings

Comparing insurance options on the internet can be a great way to save money. Taking the time to research various companies and policies can pay off with discounts. It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Our service offers the capacity to decrease costs by exposing you to the most cost-effective bargains. We focus on any discounts that can be taken advantage of and enable you to swiftly identify which organizations are offering the most advantageous prices at any given moment.

Examining Insurance Online can assist you in comprehending the Alternatives for your Coverage

By using our system to compare quotes, you can access all the coverage selections from the top car insurance providers in Kenya. Our online comparison generator enables you to modify your preferences to obtain results that fit your requirements.


In Kenya, those wishing to purchase a car insurance policy can be subjected to exorbitant costs if they lack the necessary information. Every customer should have the opportunity to secure insurance products for reasonable prices. It is possible to obtain low-cost motor insurance quotes and this article will address some methods for doing so.

Begin Shopping Ahead of Time

The idea of getting a jumpstart on your shopping is an excellent one. It is beneficial to get a head start so that you can save time and money. You can take advantage of sales and discounts that are available before the holiday rush begins. Additionally, you can find the best deals and avoid the holiday chaos. Shopping early is a great way to ensure that you have the perfect insurance policy.

If you want to avoid a bad outcome in any market situation, avoid making purchases when you’re in a rush. Shopping at the last minute increases your vulnerability and reduces your probability of finding a good bargain. To ensure you get the best possible insurance policy, we suggest you start looking early and take the time to compare prices.

Utilize the Internet for Comparing Quotations

For those looking to secure the best deals on car insurance, Shimin Insurance Agency in Kenya is the go-to for comparing quotes. Our website provides you with a way to compare and save money in a fast and free manner. Check out the comparisons and start saving today!

Have a Conversation with Agents

Speaking to car insurance agents is a great way to get the lowdown on what is popular in the market at present. Nevertheless, keep in mind that agents will always work to get you to purchase the most expensive products if you don’t ask the right questions as they gain the most commission from those sales.

If you want to talk to one of our agents immediately, you can do so without any cost by calling 0794589905.

Inquire about discounts from insurance providers

Taking the initiative to contact car insurance companies can provide insight into what kind of offers are available. It requires patience and determination, but you may discover some great deals and special policies.

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