Is Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover Worth The Cost? A Comprehensive Analysis.

Student Personal Accident Insurance

‍In a world where students are increasingly independent and mobile, they also face an increased risk of accidents or injuries when away from home. That’s why student personal accident insurance cover has become an important part of affording the costs associated with such risks. Students are statistically more likely to be involved in a road accident, fall ill or suffer some other misfortune that leaves them needing to pay for medical bills and lost income.

These expenses can be particularly difficult for students to meet if they don’t have insurance or other means of financial support. This is why student personal accident insurance cover can help you meet the costs associated with unexpected accidents or illnesses, subject to certain conditions and policy limitations

What Is Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Our Student Personal Accident insurance covers pupils and students, from kindergarten to university. This cover is also suitable for students who require insurance cover during their internship/attachment period at organisations as they finalise their higher education. Our Students Personal Accident Insurance provides you with monetary compensation in the unfortunate event you suffer accidental death, permanent total disability or medical expenses as a result of an injury.

It also meets the costs of purchase of artificial or medical appliances such as wheelchairs and hearing aids. As such, this insurance acts as a supplement to your life and medical insurance if you have it.

The premium you pay is dependent on the sort of cover you wish to take out. Further, the amount you are compensated can be calculated based on your earnings or based on a specified pre-agreed amount. This cover applies to you even if the accident happens anywhere in the world. Group Personal Accident in turn provides compensation to a group of people, such as a family, employees, “chamas’ ‘, learning institutions, SMEs or any other group of people with common interest.

Key Features of Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Accidental Death: We will pay your nominated beneficiaries the pre-agreed amount or the agreed multiple of your salary for your loss of life as a result of the accident or incident.

Permanent Disability: We will pay your or nominated beneficiary a certain percentage of the pre-agreed amount or the agreed multiple of your salary for permanent disability as a result of the accident or incident.

Weekly Payment (Temporary Total Disability): This benefit pays you weekly payments if you suffer an accident that limits your capacity to perform your job duties. This payment is for a temporary period until you fully recover. The maximum period of compensation is limited to 104 weeks.

Medical Expenses: As a direct result of this incident, we will reimburse you for the medical costs – including optical and dental – that you will incur. This is available up to a certain limit. Emergency Evacuation: We will cover any expenses related to evacuating you to seek medical assistance as a result of the incident.

Assistive Devices: We will cover the costs related to acquiring crutches, hearing aids and prosthetics and other devices, required for your rehabilitation.

Repatriation Costs: In the unfortunate event of your demise, we will cover the cost of returning your remains to your place or residence.

Funeral Expenses: We will pay your nominated beneficiaries the pre-agreed amount for your unfortunate loss of life as a result of the accident or incident to assist in settling your funeral costs.

What Should I Know About Student Personal Accident Insurance?

Student Personal Accident Insurance is separate from your medical insurance: The medical cover linked to this insurance is specific to the accident for which you made the claim. It does not meet the costs associated with any other illnesses or ailments you may be suffering from at the time. It is important to note that this cover can supplement your existing medical insurance so long as the costs are related to this specific incident. If you do not have medical insurance, then the personal accident cover kicks in in its place.

High risk activities: We will unfortunately not be able to honour your claim, if the accident occurred as a result of any of the activities listed as high risk and specifically excluded in your policy document. Such activities include woodworking machinery; racing on horseback or on wheels, winter sports; mountaineering necessitating the use of ropes or guides, skydiving or any other sports or pastimes involving exceptional risk of accident. However, you may be able to buy special coverage for these activities.

Air travel employees: If you work in Air Travel and are unfortunately involved in an aviation accident while on duty, your personal accident cover will not apply. Ordinarily, you are covered by your aviation employer for such occurrences.

Pre-existing physical or mental conditions: We will unfortunately not be able to honour any claims related to pre-existing physical and mental conditions. Your childbirth or pregnancy: In the unfortunate event that complications arise with regards to your pregnancy or childbirth, as a result of the accident, we will unfortunately not be able to honour the claim. Wilful exposure to needless peril/suicide: Should you wilfully expose yourself to needless risk or peril (except in the attempt to save human life), or attempt to or actually commit suicide, we will unfortunately not honour the claim.

Insanity: In the unfortunate event you sustain bodily injury as a direct result of being insane, we will not be able to honour the claim.

War, terrorism & related risks: We will unfortunately be unable to honour claims related to acts of terrorism, political unrest, invasion and acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or coup-d’etats. Nonetheless, this cover can be purchased at an additional premium. 

How To File A Claim For a Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover

  • Personal Accident claims form, to be filled by the insured
  • Police abstract if it is a Road traffic accident
  • Medical bills from the attending hospital.
  • Statement by the insured and any witness
  • Sick off sheets-In case it is a Temporary Disability claim from the employer
  • Pay slips- for 3 months before the accident from the employer
  • Claim Reference no. 8. Risk Note

How To Apply for a Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover

To apply for the Student Personal Accident Insurance, you can call our team on 0794589905, or you can visit us at our Head Office, Ecobank Towers 10th floor in Nairobi. The application process is rather simple as explained below;

The proposer sitting/speaking with our agent chooses the desired cover, the agent runs a quotation about the sum assured client desires or the amount of premium they want to save. The proposer in the presence of the agent then completes the application/proposal form and provides the required documentation (new business requirements). The agent then applies to Branch Support Officers who capture the client’s information in the system to kickstart the new business process 

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