Directors Liability Insurance

Provides compensation to the company against amounts that the insured..

Directors Liability

Directors Liability Insurance

This is a cover that protects corporate directors and in the event that they’re personally sued for actual or alleged wrongdoing when managing a company. It provides compensation to the company against amounts that the insured shall become legally liable to pay resulting from any wrongful act in their capacities as officers. The insurance helps cover defence costs and damages (awards and settlements) arising out of wrongful action allegations and lawsuits.

Claims Brought Against Directors

Common Claims Brought Against Directors

Target Market for Directors Liability Insurance

  • Companies which are not aware of any circumstances that could give rise to a claim
  • Companies which are not aware of any past claims against the directors or officers within the last 5 years
  • Companies with total gross annual revenues of up to Kshs. 500 million
  • Companies which have been in continuous operation for at least three years
  • Companies (and their subsidiaries) which are not listed on any stock exchange
  • Companies which are physically located in Kenya (but the company might be operating abroad)
Directors Liability Insurance

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