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Not only do you need to get your passengers safely to their destinations, but you also need to protect yourself and your vehicle from accidents, theft, and other risks. That’s where Uber Insurance comes in.

Uber Insurance

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Uber Insurance

At Shimin Insurance Agency, we offer insurance solutions that protect your investment as well as fit your needs hence, you have peace of mind.

Uber car insurance safeguards you and your vehicle on the road. Driving with uber insurance coverage helps protect you and your car

We provide you with financial protection against physical/bodily injury resulting from owning and operating cars and against potential liability resulting from their use.

Our goal at Shimin Insurance Agency is to provide the highest quality products through engaging, customisable solutions that cater to our customer’s needs. These include coverage for death, and permanent disability of insured drivers, family members, or employees.

What Does Uber Insurance Cover?

All Uber driver-partners, couriers and passengers are insured. Insurance policy uber Coverage is subject to conditions and limits

You are covered from when you accept a trip or delivery request to when the trip or delivery ends.

Get help with medical costs if you’re injured in an accident while on an Uber trip. If your injuries stop you from driving, you can also get help with lost earning opportunities.

Insured for medical costs and lost earning opportunities

If you’re an Uber Driver Partner or Courier in Kenya, Partner & Rider Injury Protection can help you with medical expenses and other costs.

Your customers are insured too

While on an Uber trip in Kenya, your passengers are also automatically covered by injury protection insurance at no cost to them.

uber insurance

Benefits of Uber Insurance

  • Liability coverage: Our policies include liability coverage, which can help protect you if you’re involved in an accident and someone else is injured or their property is damaged.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: We also offer comprehensive and collision coverage, which can help pay for repairs or replacements if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: If you’re in an accident with someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damages, our uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can help bridge the gap.
  • 24/7 claims support: If you need to file a claim, our dedicated claims team is available around the clock to help you get the support you need.
  • Affordable rates: Our insurance policies are competitively priced to help you save money while still getting the coverage you need.

Key features of uber insurance.

Uber insurance policy covers specific events that occur while a Driver Partner, Courier or Rider is On-Trip. The key features of rideshare insurance are listed below.

  • Medical cover: If an accident happens On-Trip, this cover reimburses you for necessary medical costs you have incurred following the accident (e.g. X-ray, operations, medicines) up to a capped sum.
  • Death and funeral payments: In the unfortunate event that you die as a result of an accident On-Trip, your dependents or heirs will benefit from a lump sum payment.
  • Permanent Disability payments: In the unfortunate event that you suffer a permanent disability as a result of an accident On-Trip, you will benefit from a lump sum payment. The amount depends on the severity of the disability.

Note: All above uber liability insurance covers are subject to prescribed conditions and limits, which Uber may amend at its discretion.

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Uber Insurance

Uber Insurance

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Uber Insurance

Uber Insurance

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